D-Frau Shenzhen Women Football Club - 深圳女子足球俱乐部

D-FRAU FC is the biggest organized WOMEN football club in Shenzhen. We are a mixed team of Chinese and international women players with different abilities and strengths. Our coach is a former professional football player. We meet twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday, not just playing football, but also training body strength, body condition and football strategy. On the weekends we organize regular tournaments and games.

We are looking for new players to join us – be it beginners or professionals – be it for competitions or just for fun. We offer different club memberships based on your individual needs – you can join us for single sessions, monthly session or seasonal sessions. For more information, please get in touch with us.

We are waiting for YOU!!

D-FRAU FC是深圳最大的女子足球俱乐部,由中外不同能力和水平的女球员组成。我们的教练是前职业足球运动员。俱乐部每周一和周三各有一次课程,课程内容包括踢球,体能训练、抗练习和战术讲解的培训。我们会在周末不定期地组织一些常规比赛或友谊赛。

我们正在寻找新球员的加入, 无论您是初学者还是专业人士,无论您是打比赛还是踢球玩乐,我们会根据您个人的需求提供不同的会员类型。 你可以选择我们的单次课程,月度课程或季度课程。有关更多信息,欢迎与我们联系